quinta-feira, 12 de agosto de 2010


i met myself in a meeting inside,
a restaurant self-service kind,
i was eating something, thoughtful,
feeling completly fool,
full of nothing, nothing at all.
i was remembering, with details in my memory,
that day at the hall,
when i took a small shot of scotch...
at nine o'clock...
god! was hotter at nine,
but the morning time shine,
i felt myself nasty, but that was tasty!
wake n baked, feels good,
it makes the breeze smooth...
god! god damn life,
make me choose between hug you,
or spending my time,
loosing bucks,
between thugs and sluts,
having to make my own luck,
this all is stuck,
deep in my memory making me sad,
doing my head! i used to walk mad,
i was loosing my best,
spending to many time behind the desk,
had to take all this off my chest,
and that won't came fast,
took time to found out my best again,
that is why my baggage are inside the train,
don't cry in vain,
please you don't get used to the pain,
i will do the best that i can...
i will just smile and jam!

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